About Us

Why We Do, What We Do

As a young boy, I loved hearing the stories my parents told me. They grew up in the Caribbean, where culture and values are passed on through story.
The stories taught us children to love our kinfolk, look after our elders and live as one, big extended family. People back then shared resources in a fully self-sustainable society, in harmony with the planet, environment and each other.
Contrasted with the world we live in, I found myself weighed down by a mountain of concerns and bleak statistics of family breakdowns, young offenders, addictions and depressions. Why was this happening? How do we stop this vicious cycle? Where do we start?


We cannot change the whole world at once, but we can start first by loving ourselves, and spreading that love to our family and community. This grass roots approach inspires me to carry on and create and teach, knowing that we can create a better world, one person at a time, one ripple at a time.


I want to create spaces run by the community, for the community for teaching and learning by experience and sharing. Spaces accepting of all cultures, races, religions, where we celebrate diversity using art, music, sport, film, photography to connect on a raw human level. I believe in nurturing the relationship of self, encouraging reflection and building resilience individually, which we can then use to forge stronger, more robust relationships
with others. It shouldn’t take a catastrophe for us to summon community spirit. It should be embedded in us as a natural way of life.
Together, we can create a better world within each community we live in.

About The Director

My expertise is working directly with people from all walks of life from kindergarten and adolescents to adults and senior citizens.
My background in the Entertainment Industry has exposed me to Theatre, Film, Radio and Television. These experiences have contributed to a variety of leadership, educational and social change roles within community services.
I am a strong advocate for human rights and social justice. For over 25 years I have worked with marginalized people in a capacity that assists in a better quality of
life for the disadvantaged. This motivates me. I have utilised my background in the Entertainment industry to facilitate engaging, recreational and life changing programmes for children, people living with disabilities, community members in crisis, carers respite and team building activities.
This includes workshops and programmes in health, self development, discovery and motivation for children in remote communities and with disabilities. Their stories often inspire me as their courage is often hidden.
I have worked in over three continents and across the public, private, community, corporate, and non-for-profits. I am presently in the disability sector.
I am passionate about community and personal growth in individuals and opened to leadership opportunities to facilitate knowledge sharing programmes for marginalised and disadvantaged communities.