Team Building & Retreats

The Safari Team provides a platform to promote well-being in your team’s personal and professional lives. It offers participants the chance to reconnect with our authentic self through restorative practices like yoga, meditation, music, film, sports, art and fun engaging activities. Through our workshops, retreats and events, we invite participants to reflect, review, collaborate, facilitate, rejuvenate and align to a shared outcome.Through these shared experiences we can enhance effi ciency/ productivity, forge teams and reevaluate our personal and company values. The Safari Team can bring renewed vigor in the workplace and also invite a new perspective on the quality of the relationship with ourselves and our peers. The Safari Team can provide bespoke wellness programs tailored to your team or company needs. Our workshops range from half a day to two days and our format can work within conferences, company events or staff development days

We help you to rediscover a sense of purpose and clarity in your life, rekindle a sense of community and contribution, explore creativity, embrace gratitude, and encourage the gift of sharing.

Break through limitations, and be your best self living your best life.
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Fun retreats to rejuvenate your soul. Take time to reconnect with nature, yourself and loved ones. Our retreats use restorative techniques like yoga, meditation and sound healing to help you break through into your new you. Enjoy plenty of fun activities, complemented by wholesome vegetarian foods to nourish a deep reconnection within yourself, in turn transforming the relationships you have with those around you.